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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy-Go-Lucky :

These kind of people usally are non-sado types and not like Saas-bahu serial

rona-dhona ( a fulto melodrama ).
They are the type of people who are most of the time, that is , we can say 99.99%
they are happy. These people are usally full of positive vibes but the moment they
feel that negative vibes are coming to them, they try to avoid such situation
or you can say just try to move/getaway from that place atleast for that moment.

2) Sado:
What to say about them , the name suggests that they are fulto melodrama types of saas-bahu serial ( where the bahu cries for every small/silly reason ) ,in hindi we say

"Rote hi rehte hain har baat pe". Looking at such people you feel that they don't love life or are not satisfied with their life but are living the life by taking the inspiration from "Devdas" our legendary sado.

3) Straight-forward :
They are the people who usally don't think about what the opposite person will
think or recact on their straight-forward answers.They believe in reacting in the
moment rather than waiting for the moment to come to them.They are "Moohfat"
people who belong to the boss category who believe what they
have told is right (" Bol diya na , Bas bol diya " ).

4) Smart ( Chunt ):

They are people who get their work done from others and take the credit for that
work. They usally irritate others because of their this behaviour.
5) I'll be there for u..always: (inseperable)
They are the people who will help u always with any sort of help u need.
These people are usally your best friends & close relatives.They care for
you the most.

6) Backstabbers:

These people are sweet in front of u and talking all rubbish about u behind ur back or
when you are not in front of you.

7) Rumor Mills:

They are people who can start any and every kind of rumour.Their brain usally work
like rumor machine which helps our media to do some more "Timepass" rather
then looking out for actual news.

8) Extra kiddish:

No matter how old these people grow they can never grow up!Distance between them
and maturity is almost infinity!!

9) I dont CARE:

Even if the dooms day is near..they'll say.."I dont CARE!!" . Sometimes their attitude
makes us feel that the first word which they spoke after birth was "I Don't care !!"

10) Tubelights:

Takes so much time to light up!! They understand everything after sometime whether it
may be a joke or anything serious.The best part about them is they laugh first on joke
with others around and later ask " Samja nahi ek bar phir se "(Did not understand
repeat one more time ).

11) Paranoid:

Always at the edge of everything.These people have extreme emotions even when they
are happy and when when sad.

12) Fake:

These people are extremely superficial.In hindi there is a saying "Hatti ke daat khane ke
kuch dikhane ke kuch". They try to be someone which they can't be even in their dreams.

13) Satyavadi harishchadra bhakt :
or lier
They are like HELL and HEAVEN which can never meet or

bear each other for more than sometime.

14) Gossip Machine:

This is the only machine you must have seen which take input as gossip;

process that gossip ( by adding their own ideas & words ) and produce
output as a more deadly gossip.As people remember god once in a day
they also gossip atleast once so that they can sleep properly.

15) Ditchers:

They are a true politicians , who while asking for vote make promises as their
duty but when it comes to fulfill them they are nowhere around it.For them
" Promises are made to be broken ".

16) Honestly innocent:

They are so innocent people like angels that they do not even understand
when somebody is pulling their leg.They can easily get influenced by

17) Never give-up:

These people have a never give up attitude. They are like spparrows who make
their nest even after many failures and don't give up till they succeed.

18) Lonesome or reserved:

They are usally in their own world. They like to stay alone and are happy
being that way.


TP said...

niiicee :)

btw MOOHPHAT and GOSSIP---->> LOL!!!

interesting categories i must say!!
so which among them do u belong to?? :P

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